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How many ships could a ship ship if a ship could ship ships? The answer to this pressing question and more could be answered by visiting the ‘10,000 Ships’ exhibition at the Polygon Gallery.

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(Disclaimer- this photo is not related to the exhibition in any way aside from being a boat, we just think it is an important image)

The exhibition focuses on the work of Rod Logan, who for the past 3 decades has been photographing the Burrard Inlet. Logan is a ‘ship spotter’, similar to train spotting, and his photographs cover every kind of nautical vessel, from ships to tugs to barges to boats.

Considering the role of shipping in Vancouver’s economy, and looking at the quality of Logan’s photos, this is sure to be a memorable exhibition and a great survey of the inlet’s history.

10,000 Ships at the Polygon Gallery

When: Ongoing to March 17
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM-5PM
Where: The Polygon Gallery
Cost: Admission by donation!

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