Last chance to see this intense Van Art Gallery show

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dana claxton

Dana Claxton’s Fringing the Cube has been one of the most moving exhibitions at the Art Gallery this year, and it’s ending this Sunday. For those interested in First Nations art and aesthetics, we cannot recommend checking this one out enough.

Born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Claxton is of Hunkpapa Lakota heritage and uses her place in the First Nations community to inform her multidisciplinary work. With an emphasis on the notions of beauty, body, the spiritual and the socio-political, Claxton has created an oeuvre that deftly speaks to the past, present and future of First Nations social reality.

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dana claxton art

Often subversive and critical, her pieces do not shy away from the mistreatment and commodification of people, animals, and the land. Take Buffalo Bone China as an example. This mixed-media installation draws immediate attention to the horror of the slaughter of the buffalo across the plains for English Bone China during the 1800s. Of course, this was not only an attack on one of the most important animals in North America, but it was also an attack on First Nations peoples in general. One look at the above photo shows that it was absolute madness.

But what better way to educate oneself than by listening to those who are part of the affected group? By illustrating the problems of the past and frustrations of the present, Claxton provides a route for better understanding many issues that are ongoing in Canada.

Dana Claxton: Fringing the Cube

When: Ongoing until Sunday, February 3
Where: Vancouver Art Gallery
Cost: G.A. is $24, but go on a Tuesday because it’s by donation from 5PM-9PM!

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