Self-driving cars now legal in one Canadian Province

Photo via Spectrum

tesla self driving cars Vancouver ontario canada

While us BC drivers have been asleep at the wheel, Ontario researchers have been developing self-driving cars. Sneaky, sneaky. These autonomous vehicles are now ready to cruise Ontario streets: Ontario’s transportation minister Jeff Yurek has given the A-Ok for self-driving cars to hit the road.

Yurek announced this week that self-driving cars are permitted to be on Ontario streets with a few rules.

look ma no hands

Namely, there has to be either a human in the passenger seat or someone monitoring the vehicle from afar. Imagine glancing over at a red light and seeing an empty car. The future is upon us.

Actually, it’s been upon us for a while. Ontario launched a 10-year self-driving car pilot program in 2016. Since then, very smart people have been developing vehicles that use adaptive cruise control and lane keeping tech to get themselves from A to B.

What does this mean for British Columbian’s ghost riding the whip? Well, we’re not quite at ride-sharing yet so who really knows? Regardless, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the legislation road just for you.

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woman in self-driving car

These vehicles can’t be purchased by the average joe just yet. However, getting them tested on the streets is the next step to us all being able to get to work with a bowl of cereal in our hands and have it be fine.

So start your engines (or let them start themselves). As soon as self-driving cars are eligible for purchase, you could be cruising completely hands-free.

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